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Kettil Cedercreutz

Kettil Cedercreutz


Kettil Cedercreutz PhD, CEO holds extensive service as Professor, Associate Provost and Dean at the University of Cincinnati at the intersection of academia and industry. Cedercreutz holds a MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Manufacturing Engineering from the top Engineering School in Finland. His PhD focuses on statistical analysis of assessment data. Cedercreutz has a solid background in market-oriented development of products and services.

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Caroline Le Poole

Caroline Le Poole


Caroline Le Poole, PhD, CSO is a Professor of Dermatology, Microbiology and Immunology at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine with decades of experience in Investigative Dermatology and Immunology research. She earned her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Professor Le Poole has held numerous NIH grants focusing on various aspects of immunotherapy. Professor Le Poole earned her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. She is the lead inventor of the HSP70i based therapy,  

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Temprian Therapeutics  is looking to attract a Lead Investor

with a solid anchoring in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as Chief Regulatory Officer with a strong track record of FDA approval.